Career Highlights

Consultant on usability and user experience. University lecturer for 5 years in usability, ergonomics and user research. He is currently completing a Masters in HCI at UCL, London. Additionally holds a Masters in communications (UDD, 2013) and diplomas in Ergonomics (UDEC, 2007), Digital marketing (UDD, 2009) and Management of technological innovation (Oxford university. UK, 2015).

2006 - Graduated
Bachelor of Design UNAB, Chile
2013 - Graduated
Ma in Communications UDD, Chile
2014 - Position
Digital Marketing for Latin America Interface. Inc. USA
2015 - Candidate
MSc in HCI UCL, London
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Education & Employment

  • Lecturer in usability and ergonomics (5 years) UNAB, Chile.

    Ergonomics Professor I & II, Vina Del Mar. Matters addressed: Inclusive design, Anthropometry ,Biomechanics, HCI, Usability, New design methodologies and Dimensioning spaces for humans.

  • B2B Communications and project Planner (4 years) Sala Vitra

    Development of corporate projects, and direct relationship with clients. Development proposals conceptual furniture, content management social media channels. Construction of minisites, web design and management, CRM. .

  • Usability Consultant (6 months) Grupo Ingenia

    Project Leader of Usability Test Projects for Movistar (O2). Modeling and execution of: User testing , Remote testing, Speaking workshops, Customer service design and Strategic communications.

  • Founder UXD Community

    Founder of one of the communities about user experience and usability on Chile.

  • Corfo Scholarship Chilean Government

    Scholarship holder, Becas Chile 2014-2015

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A little more About Me


Years of experience


Hours of User testing


Hours of University lectures


Years of graduate and undergraduate studies

Skills & Expertise

I have worked in many fields, from project planning, to design interfaces. But, frankly what I like the most, is observe the user's behaviour. I'm currently developing a framework to evaluate experience on consumption considering usability and affective factors. There are many main areas that I love to work on, User Research, Digital strategy, Goverment and Service Design.

User research

  • User testing
  • Personas and scenarios
  • Journey Maps and Customer mapping
  • Service Design and CX design

Digital strategy

  • Social media strategy
  • KPI analysis
  • Web and mobile design
  • B2B strategy communications